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Aquatic Division

We are a certified training company & staffing service

 Lifeguards/Pool Monitors

Purpose- They play an important role in a swimming facility’s risk management program. Lifeguards are trained to monitor the aquatic environment, supervise patrons, communicate about the potential for injury, educate patrons about the consequences of injury producing behavior, and enforce rules and regulations that prevent injuries. They are also of course,  perform rescues to prevent drowning and to provide immediate first aid and CPR. Several of our Lifeguards have used their training and experience as a launching pad for a carer with the fire department as a Firefighter or EMT.

Training- All of our Lifeguards recieve over 40 hours of classroom training on proper procedures for scanning the pool, various rescue techniques, CPR for the professional rescuer, First Aid, AED and oxygen administration. An equal amount of time is spent for on site and in water training on these procedures at our various locations.   Recertification is performed on an annual basis using the latest approved methods. We also perform year round in-service training and reviews.